Saturday, October 15, 2005

First Collage

Here we go with our first collage, just a few pics we've taken tonight. What do you think?

Thanks to Lust, Sex and Love and a corinthian couple for having such sexy collages of their own and for inspiring us to get the camera out!!

Shaving (Male stylee!)

Ok then, so I've had a few beers. This is never usually a good start. Squirter and I came back home and had a little play where I tied her up and took complete control over her. She might talk about this later on. I felt like as I'd completely controled her earlier Squirter could do what ever she wanted to me. I suggested that she shave me as she has mentioned doing this before and she is a big fan of shaving herslef (and so am I!!!!!!)

So like I said, I'd had a few and I'm sat in the bath with my beautiful girlfriend between my legs give me a preliminary trim whilst I sup on a nice dry white wine! She expertly trims my overgrown bush to a manageable size and then after i do the slightly more delicate parts the Gillette Venus is ready.

I'm not going to lie to you. If you've never done this before it is a very daunting thing. Well it was for me. Squirter thought it would look good so I thought I'd try it because I would do anything for her. The first few strokes of the razer are the worse. Once she's got into the swing of it it's a piece of piss. I actually am enjoying at this point and pointing out bits that need re-doing!

Once the main bush is gone and the balls are hair free its down to the bit i worried about the most. The bum hole!!!!!!!

I'm very comfortable at this point and all my worse bum hole fears are gone (gents I'm sure you know what I mean) squirter is very precise and removes every last hair and I'm shawn

It's quite a strange feeling to begine with, upi go to scratch and you're good old reliable furry bush is no longer there. After a while and a little bit of itching it seems to have calmed down. I have been assured that in the next few days i'm going to itch like a bastard so I will have to see about that. Of course I will keep you all informed as I continue into my new life as a man with a shaven haven!!!!

If there are any guys who shave, please leave me a message and let me know your experiences of it so I can se what's coming up!!!

Peace and Fucking xxxxx

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

wind ups!

squirter here, today, i felt really horny and i thought i would suprise the horn and dressed up as a secretary, he loved it but we were too hungry to do anything else so we ate, whilst food was settling, we watched a little bit of tv and all the time i was still aroused.

The horn likes to drag things out a little bit, he likes to get me riled sometimes by doing silly things that wind me up. like putting on another programme when we had finished what we were watching when we decided to come upstairs for some fun! then he was doing stuff on his laptop i waited upstairs for a good ten mins at least!!! when he finally dragged himself upstairs he would slowly undress deliberatly.

I am not the most patient of people when i am in the mood so i felt a little annoyed when he was trying to talk his way out of it and made out he wanted a goddamn nap! i started to get really pissed and started having a go at him saying how much he liked me getting mad at him what was the big deal!

I was never more gobsmacked when he took my hand, and strategically placed it on the biggest erection i have ever experianced from him! all i could say was...."oh!" blushed and stammered and hid my face in the pillow as he burst out laughing!

After i got over that i realised and stopped getting so pissed off with him,The ohrn explained that when i get passionate about something,positive or negative, the energy he sees in me when i get angry appeals to him. with other people i scared them off but this nutter loves it!he carried on teasing me and winding me up,being assertive with my arms pinnig me as he kissed and licked my weakest spots on my neck sending a shudder down my naked body in small and big waves depending on where he moved his lips and tongue.

I was at his mercy. I could not do anything else but yearn to be screwed, my dripping hot pussy was aching for it so bad i was moaning before he slipped in! we had fantastic sex, he came pretty hard at the same time as i did, finishing up in one of my favorite positions where im lying on my back, he has hold of my legs like a wishbone and grinding away hard!

yum yum just thinking of sucking horn's horn right now, going to leave it at that whilst i go and persuade him to let me as ive been such a good girl...


Friday, October 07, 2005


The time has come for us to have a little bit of a soppy post. A few days ago we celebrated 6 months of being together. It feels like only 6 minutes has passed.

Since the day we met both of us knew there was something there. We both realised we were madly in love with each other in the first week. After 3 weeks we had moved in together. Throughout all this fast paced romance we still feel as strong about each other as we did half a year ago, probably even more so.

I just want to say that I love Squirter with all my heart and will do until the sun finally burns out and I know she feels the same. That goes without saying - Squirter

To everyone else out there I hope you too can meet that one special person who you want to spend the rest of your life with, that's if you've not already found them and have been blogging about it!!

Here's to the next 6 months and everyother second we are together.

Love you babe xxx

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Toys, toys, toys!

Squirter here, todays topic is sex toys, Yey! The horn and i were browsing through some of the other sex blogs and some of the stories on sex toys were great! I bought myself a "Rampant Rabbit" about 4 years ago now, didn't realise at the time how inexperianced i really was in what i wanted from stimulation so apreciation for the toy was not that high, until recently.

I have been feeling quite horny a lot recently, so sometimes a little personal "pampering" whilst the Horn is unavailable, is always healthy. I get frustrated quite easily, The horn loves this and winds me up even more, but sometimes it is a turn on and apreciated in the long run. But its those other rare times when you dont want to play you just want to be S C R E W E D like an animal!

I love the options it has, the main shaft which winds in clockwise or counter clockwise at the push of a button, the mini rabbit bit with its little rubber ears glasping the clit and vibrating slow or really fast if you want your orgasm to feel like fireworks inside your vagina!!!

I love teasing myself with it making my Clit swell, I love the way it pulsates whilst i turn the ears off and make the shaft rotate aginst the G-spot. I realy get off using it in front of a mirror so i can see myself ejaculate and orgasm, its such a turn on seeing parts of your eroganus amatomy spazm out of your control. It is such a cool feeling when you have different build ups and different explosions of internal orgasm.

Despite all this, its still not the same as having The Horn in between my legs and his magic hands sending me off to another world!!! Toys are great, but does not beat the real thing at all.

So sometimes I ask the Horn if he is up for some nooky, if he says later, or no thanks, I would sometimes say "Is it ok for me to have a wank instead?"

The horn is fine with this, guess its because i may have relieved myself but I am always ready and waiting for my Horn's Horn!!!

I really enjoy my rampant rabbit and i would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

happy toy fucking!!!



Friday, September 16, 2005

Our First Threesome

The Horn here again, we can't stop posting tonight!! We've been meaning to post some stuff over the last month but kept getting distracted by all the things we're writing about tonight! We'd love to hear any comments about our sexual adventures, we're both quite exhibitionist and love to hear back from you all.

So back to our first threesome, this wasnt the first either of us has had but it was our first together. It all came about from the 4some I wrote about earlier. We were sat around drinking a few beers and watching tv when Squirters mate came round(K). She came round for a brew and just happened to mention that she had split up with her boyfriend which we thought she might do anyway. The subject of what we'd been up to came up and as we're not shy we told her about our little 4way.

With this in mind K seemed quite interested about the whole idea and promptly said "I'll have to get a previous ex and try this out or my self!" or at least something to those lines. She left and we had a few more beers and fucked like rabbits! Are you seing a pattern here?

K called Squirter a few days later and asked if we wanted to go for a drink as her housemate was moving out and she wanted to give him a good send off. We duly obliged.

The night started with a few beers at her house and some drinking related card games to get us started. In the pub we met up with a few more people and the beer and gambling games started in full flow. I even won one round, my luck was looking up!

Throughout the night K kept asking Squirter and me subtle questions about 3somes and the feelings after them etc and how u get on with each other afterwards. At this point we thought she was talking about thinking of doing something with her ex.

Squirter and I both believe that communication is the key to happiness so we said that if we were going to do something like that all parties would be aware of whats happening and if anyone was uncomfortable doing anything we would stop there and then.

At this point both laides were on the drunk side and K was saying how altho she's not bi she would definately like to experiment and how she felt that Squirter was hot, to top it off she said I was hot too and together we are just a hot couple. (Not the first person to say that, people think that we are very comfortable to be around and some people admit to doing things they normally wouldnt! oops naughty squirter and naughty horn.) The subtle hints were now becoming not so subtle as the drunker K got. In the end the landlord had called last orders and Squirter was sat on my knee with one of my knees in between K's legs. Squirter eventually had to come out and say "Look, if you want us to fuck you all you have to do is ask!"

K was slightly taken aback by this but after a couple more questions she said "Right, lets do this."

Once back at K's K cooked up a little food and we had a cup of tea. Even sexual adventurers like ourselves need a nice cup of tea sometimes.

Sorry if I've been waffling on all this time, I just think that if you wanted raw unadulterated sex you might as well just get some porn. I like the build up so the the build up you get!!

Right then down the the part of the story Squirter had been looking forward too. We retired to the bedroom and K put some music and music on to set the ambience. She has a lovely big bed for all sorts of mischief and boy did we just do that!

I was quite surprised to see K getting undressed first, I thought we would have to guide her into it but no, knickers were off, tits were out, we're ready to go. S and I joined her in her nakedness and started kissing to get the ball rolling. Squirter moved from me to K and gave her a gorgeous kiss, really passionate and turning me on even more than I was. While S was doing this she had my cock in her hand and was making sure I was hard as rock (I had been most of the night in the pub staring at these 2 gorgeous women.

I moved off the bed and climbed on again at the other end, while i was doing this Squirter had laid K down on the bed and proceeded to lick here where she'd never been licked by a woman. I had a fantastic view from the end of the bed, it was like all my dreams coming true (apart from the one with a winning lottery ticket tucked into a lap dancers garter and she gives it me!) I could see squirters nice juicy shaved pussy and K head writhing as S licked more and more. I moved in closer and started to take Squirter from behind, something which I think she was waiting for. As I was pumping away K kept looking up at me and said, "S can I suck his cock?" S has no problem with this and moved away to masturbate as she watched. K gave a good blowjob, I was impressed because like every bloke I love blowjobs. Are there any guys out there that dont?

Squirter lay down next to where I was lying and I moved on top of her, now it was time to give the woman I love a real good fucking. I lifted her legs up to get some nice deep penetration and we both looked over at K who seemed really turned on by the sight of us being so intimate and passionate in front of her. It wasn't too long before we both came and K asked "Can he fuck me now?"

I think it was so considerate the way she asked, we couldnt say no! K got into the doggy position and before I entered her I asked squirter if it was ok to continue. Like I mentioned earlier communication is the key. Squirter gave her permission and I slowly slipped inside her. She was moaning as I started pushing harder I was continually keeping eye contact with Squirter as she was finding this very horny and was masturbating profusely by now.

K was moaning more and more now but alas it wasn'll all good for her. "Squirter, you're boyfriends cock is just too big for me!"

For me that was the greatest comlpiment anyone could pay so I was well chuffed, in hindside I could have probably used a position that wasn't so deep.

We're we all pretty tired by this time and S and I both had work so all good things must come to an end. We all got into bed and cuddled up and went to sleep just like in a fairytale just that ours was slightly more perverted.

All in all we both enjoyed the experience and I personally think that it's good for Squirter to do this as she is bi and i dont want her missing out licking pussy!

Peace and Fucking

Bum Love!

Squirter here, this subject may be a little shorter than the rest as we have not really done this enough to go on about it. Guessing some people may not find this so appealling but with the right amount of lube, the right positon and the right mood then you are away. As i am not the largest of people in that area and the horn is for the other department i couldn't walk properly for a week! i really enjoyed it as it was tight and more sensitive in a nice way, not really had that much experiance in bum love overall but the experiance was good.

happy posting!



A quick note on camera phones

Why is it gents that as soon as we get a camera in our hands we just have to take photo's of our sexy assed mofo girls in a state of comprimised dress? It's not enough that we get to see them every day (if you live with them) we just need more! Whether you're on your dinner break at work or even having sunday dinner with ur mum, a sneaky peek on the phone always gets things stirring!!

Squirter was in the bath a couple of weeks ago and I thought I'd take complete advantage of her nakedness and get some material for later ;-) We'd took photos before and I love them but this seemed alot sexier as it was all candlelit and squirter looked horny as hell wearing only bubbles. I think as well as that it felt like a slight homage to the people who lived in our house before us. Warning goin on a tangent alert!

We moved into the house and found a bunch of computer gear under the stairs, the landlord didnt claim it so it was ours. In the booty was a hard drive, always handy. I tried to boot it with the aid of my techie mate to no avail, it was fecked. Time for my mate and his Linnexery skills to take over, within minutes he had found a healthy stash of porn and more importantly some private snaps :p Now at first we thought is this right then we thought fuck it lets have a look. The guy must have had the same digicamera fixation as he had taken some rather tasty pics of his gf. Both me and squirter were impressed (squirter is bi btw). The pic that I'm thinking of was in the bath with the candles and the bubbles. That bathroom must give of a sexy photographic vibe or something.

squirter: what i think it is in the bathroom is that it lets in the most light for saying its the smallest room in the house and with a decent amount of natural lighting you are going to get really cool pictures, the horn has taken plenty of me in different positions in my underwear bending over the sink,and other cuties!!

Anyway I digress, at this point I'm getting very turned on at squirter looking so fucking hot so The Horn began to live up to his name!!

With my cock hard as rock I decide to change the camera onto video mode, it's pretty shite quality but its still sexy. I moved closer to Squirter to get some close up action of her squirming in the bath and she took me by surprise.

Undoing my jeans and very seductively she slipped my cock into her mouth and started sucking it so hard I'm surprised I didnt cum there and then! All this on film too.

The only problem about making vids on cam phones is that u dont get near enough memory. We managed about 4 minutes of cock sucking action until it ran out. After than what is there to do?( see after squirters part!)

squirter: when the horn got his camera out whilst i was in the bath i didnt realise he had a video recording option on his phone, so i was carrying on washing, splashing about generally flirting with the horn, i could see he was getting excited and i merely unleashed the beast and tamed it with my mouth!!!i found it a turn on so i think i am a little bit of an exhibitonist so i was looking at the camera at the same time as sucking the horn off, i love blow jobs and i think the horn likes my blow jobs to! the horn may not like the quality of the outcome but i think i like the seediness of a home made mini movie that gives it its character, its still one of my favourites!!!

Go to the bedroom and fuck like rabbits!! : < - > : Peace and Fucking

Squirter on Squirting!

squirter here, wanted to post a conversation on female ejaculation, i was amazed to find out that most women dont know how to do that or that they are capable of doing that! some just dont feel comfortable enough in their sexual relationships to really lt themselves go. there are three main types of female ejaculation, the g-spot, the cliteral and the penetrational one,i love all three! some people are put off by the feeling that they are going to pee, so they get embarassed and up tight losing the ejacultion, the trick is to go past the feeling and just let it flow!!! it feels soooo good! by getting past that phase you will discover loads more types of orgasms i promise you!!! the horn showed me other ways i have never felt before, deep ones, multiple ones, all over body ones that leave you tingling for hours afterwards! i know i have so many more yet to discover!!! i have spoken to female friends before and they were like "wow! you're a squirter?! you lucky bitch!!!" even if you teach yourself through masturbation like i did women still can do it! i find it such a turn on!!!

i leave this intresting subject to you guys tell us what you think or would like to know then post a comment!!!



4some Fun

The Horn here, like my sexy squirter said before it's been a while since we've posted so I'm going to write about a little 4some we had a while ago. Squirter works in a bar and me, my buddie from work (C) and my buddie from the old days (J) were having a few beers, well quite alot actually! Things were getting fruity from the offset. I must point out that C is female!! J+C hit it off from a few times before when we'd been out. Late bars and plenty more beer kept us going and eventually we home.

Squirter quickly converted the sofa bed into somewhere we could lie down. Neither me or squirter are shy so we undressed each other and stood there kissing as the other couple watched. They are by now removing items of clothing, watching us and getting more up close and personal. By this time squirter is standing up and I am licking her freshly shaven pussy (which she just loves btw!)

Me and J both lie down and our ladies get down to suck some cock. I find this amazing to watch what I experiencing, it's like porn but better. I ask Squirter if she wants to swap and now C is sucking my cock and doing a very good job of it too. This comes to my fantasy time now, it's been a fantasy of mine for years to have 2 women suck my cock at the same time and boy am I in for a treat. Licking up the shaft and kissing when they get to the end, life doesnt get much better than this. It's only fair that J gets the same treatment so we all swap over and J get some BJ action.

I move to where 2 gorgeous pussies are bent over in my face and i cant resist but to give each one a lick and then move on to me speciality, finger fucking. Squirter says I have magic hands but I'm sure she'll get on to that later. After both pussies are sopping I take my place behing squirter and slowly begin to penetrate her, she moans with pleasure as she goes down on C and icks her clit. J moves round to fuck C and we are all fucking and watching and fucking and watching! What a turn on.

Its not long before both I cant take it any more and shoot the load thats been building up all night in squirters warm wet pussy. It's now exhibition time, neither J or C had seen anyone aquirt before so thought we show off a little. We moved down the bed and they moved in the spoons position so they could both watch. I love making squirter squirt and this was no exception. I starterd off by licking and sucking her clit and then moved a coulple of fingers inside so search for that lovely G-spot. Squirter doesn't need g-spot stimulation to squirt but when sheh gets it she gushes!! It didnt take long before she was cumming everywhere and a shocked but turned on look came form the other couple. With that just like the A-Team our work here was done and we rode off into the sunset, well cuddled up in bed.

Another succesful night. : <-> : Peace and Fucking

Update - Better Late Than Never

hello there it is squirter here, things have got pretty steamy for the both of us at he moment, its one of those phases where we are still getting to kno each others fantasies and likings, as we both share a particular favourite fantasy of threesomes with another woman (which both the horn and i will go into another time maybe, keep your eyes peeled!) these things of course take time with couples so we feel not only we can brag about how fucking good our sex is, but if anyone feels they want to ask anything like our close friends do, we are quite happy to answer any questions and hear our views on anthing you can think of.

the horn will take over from here

peace and fucking



Thursday, August 11, 2005

Horny Horn!

as im typing this post i have a very rampant horn screwing me from behind! slow then fast (oh fuck yeah!) making it difficult to type will post details when not as occupied from behind!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Welcome to our world!

After reading one sexy assed blog by a certain juicy pair we have be inspired to write our own. We are based in the UK and enjoy the sexual experiences we have very much. So much we feel the need to share it with the world, I hope you don't mind!!

After 3 months of getting together and getting to know each other we have the best fucking sex life on the planet (that's up to you all to disprove!!) We hope you enjoy our rantings and horny antics let us know what you think!

All our love and kisses,

Squirter & The Horn